MB MP Leads Rescue Operations In Rockslide Accident

MB MP Leads Rescue Operations In Rockslide Accident

Adel Hamed MB MP of Assayeda Zeinab constituency said Saturday that he is leading an operation room formed since the early morning to follow-up the updates at Addweqa district and take part in relief efforts, after the rockslide of Almuqattam Mountain yesterday which resulted in killing and wounding dozens of the district’s residents.

He said that he divided the work into two teams; one of them is to be at Zainhom district’s mortuary and the other is among people at Addweqa, he leads the first team from the mortuary to receive the corpses, helping their families terminating the procedures of prosecutors and burial permits.

He added that they provided coffins and a bath for the victims and vehicles to transport the dead to their cemeteries; they also provided a van to transport a whole dead family (8 members) to their cemetery at Al Fayum, in addition to providing cemeteries for those who do not have or could not afford.

They illuminated the surrounding area of the mortuary which was dominated by darkness at sunset and they used loudspeakers for informing and noting the families of victims, they tried to calm them especially after the harassment of officers and their attempt to get people away from the mortuary.

The second team was at Addweqa at 10:00 am and participated in helping the people and the rescue teams to catch victims (wounded and martyrs) from under collapsed rocks using simple tools as axes.

Another team was formed for fundraising and distributing Iftar (fast breaking) meals and juices on the affected families and workers. The team made communications with the mortuary to inform their families with the latest news; besides, they aware people      psychologically, educationally and humanly to contain their shocks.