• September 30, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

MB MP Requests Probe Into National Theater Blaze

Menoufia Representative Abd El-Fattah Eid (Member of the MB parliamentary bloc) requested an investigation into the causes of the National Theater fire incident in Cairo and holding those who were responsible for it accountable.


In an urgent question to the Prime Minister Dr. Ahmad Nadhif and the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny, Eid explained that this incident revealed the poor and primitive fire-fighting system in Egypt which lacks all forms of advancement and modern technology.  Eid added that it also exposed the absence of crisis management and vision on the part of the officials.  Moreover, it has disclosed the falsity of the government”s statement, following the Shura fire incident, in which it called for the necessity of preserving the political and cultural heritage of Egypt and protecting its important buildings.


“Where are the five million pounds that were said to have been spent on equipping the theater with self fire-fighting and early fire alarm systems.  We don”t see their effects. Where did they go?! Why didn”t they work, if they were really there, especially considering that the theater had undergone recent renovations?!,” Eid questioned.