MB MP Slams regimes inability to practice democracy

MB MP Slams regimes inability to practice democracy

Dr Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc has condemned the incidents which took place Tuesday April 6, against political activists. The ralliers who had assembled peacefully to voice their opinions and call for constitutional amendments faced vicious attacks.   Members from the MB and the April 6 youth Movement were assaulted and beaten after rallying to practice their most basic rights; freedom of speech.

The complete breach of international law and constitution included  baton wielding state security forces dressed in civilian clothes not only abusing and assaulting youths dragging them and holding them in custody but also  attacking young girls. In an unprecedented event female police also joined in the attack in an attempt to intimidate the protestors.

Hassan questioned the measures by authorities to thwart the protests and the cordoning of areas by military barracks maintaining that the regime has shamefully demonstrated the inability to offer the so called democracy it boasts of. He indicated that the media’s apparatus were also harassed and were not spared the beatings as forces tried to prevent the documenting of the incidents. ”From all indications, a constitutional crisis is impending and the authorities will definitely be responsible for the civil unrest of the nation if these ugly tendencies continue and are not nipped in the bud, for sure there is a potential threat to national security, especially given the citizens  penchant for reform and change.

The deputy maintained that the Government has a duty to put a halt to these brazen assaults and bare-faced threats to peace and security in the nations, which have been generated by the overbearing disposition of the ruling party.

Hassan called for the authorities to intelligently intervene and to reassess the situation which could very well become uncontrolled if continued. He advised that the money which was spent grooming and coaching the security’s forces to assault and harass their fellow countrymen could be well spent in areas which are in dire need of maintenance and development.