MB MP Urges Education Committee To Discuss “Terrorism” Against Al Jazeera School

MB MP Urges Education Committee To Discuss “Terrorism” Against Al Jazeera School

Dr. Hamdi Hassan (member of the parliamentary bloc of Muslim Brotherhood), called on Dr. Fathi Sorour (chief of the People’s Assembly) to summon the Education Committee to discuss “terrorism” against Al Jazeera Islamic School in Alexandria by the security.


In a memorandum introduced to Dr. Fathi Sorour, he asked him to speed up the Committee meeting for the interest of the students and the school owners, and to answer the question :why Al Jazeera School particularly?

Hassan said that the story of Al Jazeera School had started three years ago with the demolition of the school-built on six thousand square meters, consisting of three floors and a large number of classrooms, in addition to the labs, library, swimming pools and playgrounds built according to the latest modern designs and equipped with the latest modern equipments. The owners of the school filed lawsuits in which the court decided to give them compensation.

Then the school administration hired other buildings where they worked, and the number of students became more than 1,000 students in various stages (nursery – primary -preparatory) and the school’s students are brilliant and its teachers are qualified which is proved by follow-up reports from the Ministry of Education.

With the beginning of the school year, students and their parents were surprised by the intensive troops of the Central Security, police officers and State Security cordoned the school and closed its gates by chains, banning students and school staff from approaching the school by anyway, the school turned to a military spot for the central security that aroused fear and terror in the hearts of children, the MP said in a memo.

Hassan stated in his memorandum that the Under Secretary of Education Ministry denied knowing anything, and expressed his willingness to transfer students to any place they want, while the governor also denied knowing anything, and claimed that the resolutions were supreme ,and expressed his willingness to transfer students, then they claimed that there is an engineering report which tell that there is a great danger on the lives of students ,So the school owners and its directors filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court against the governor, chief of the district and specialists to falsify allegations and prove the buildings’ fitness  to work, and the court decided, according to reports from specialists, to annul the decision of the governor.


“Despite all, there are still intensive central security forces cordoning the school and banning students and school staff from approaching the school. This is a strange phenomenon in our country which can exist only in Palestine or Iraq by the foreign occupation forces,” Dr. Hamdi Hassan added.