MB MP Warns Of Another Rock slide Disaster In A Cairo Neighborhood

MB MP Warns Of Another Rock slide Disaster In A Cairo Neighborhood

Youssry Bayoumy (Muslim Brotherhood MP, and MP of Old Cairo) warned of a natural disaster similar to Al-Doweeqa rock slide in Establ Antar neighborhood, and Khairallah area in central Cairo.

Old Cairo MP questioned both ministers of Housing and Local Governance in the People’s Assembly saying that Establ Antar residents are threatened by a rockslide of Establ Antar plateau because of the leakage of drainage water within it, as a rock had fell down on the country estate marine area a year ago.

Bayoumy added that Khairallah area is inhabited by hundreds of thousands who are depending  on sewage system over high a lime plateau threatened by falling down and cracks because of water leakage.

“My question is: What plan has the government set to stop this disaster from happening? And what is the time frame it has set for the execution of this plan?” He addressed the government.

Bayoumy suggested to speed up the updating of the sewerage system in the country estate marine area and Al-Sheikh Mubarak, in the presence of governmental approvals and appropriations to stop leaks because of the current crumbling system, as well as to speed up the introduction of sewerage and drinking water.

He also called for finding a solution to the groundwater, which has flooded nearly all the ground floors of buildings in Establ Antar.

The MP denounced the slow
execution of the sewage system and drinking water project in the Khairallah area, especially in those parts at the foot of the mountain, despite the adoption of LE 70 million which have been allocated for building the sewage system, and another LE 30 million for the drinking water.

He demanded
the government to evacuate all the buildings which could be destroyed in the case of a rockslide, and to provide their residents immediately with housing, so they could move to safe houses.

“I”m warning of this disaster, and when the day comes, regret will not do us any good; the blood of the Doweeqa victims is on the hands of the government, which knew that this was going to happen, and did nothing to stop it,” Bayoumy said, adding that those governments which respect their peoples, anticipate events and expected disasters to prevent them.

He also demanded the government either to expedite the solution of the problem of Establ Antar and Khairallah area or to admit its failure and to quit.