MB MPs, Opposition Head To President To Call For Steps To End Gaza Assaults

MB MPs, Opposition Head To President To Call For Steps To End Gaza Assaults

Muslim Brotherhood MPs and Egyptian opposition organized a rally Sunday that was supposed to proceed from in front of the Egyptian Parliament towards the Egyptian Presidential Palace to call for practical Egyptian measures to end Gaza assaults and holocaust committed by the Israelis.

The march to the palace was banned by police and the MPs delivered the memo to Abdeen Palace by Taxi Cabs.

Assistant Secretary-General of the MB Parliamentary Bloc Mohamed El-Beltagy told Ikhwanweb that the MPs presented a memo to the Egyptian President requesting that Egypt”s role exceed transporting the injured adding that it must call for an Arab summit.

El-Beltagy continued saying, “This must be the first step in order to form a unified Arab stance for ending the Gaza holocaust.”  El-Beltagy also pointed out that the memo includes expelling the Israeli ambassador in Egypt, withdrawing the Egyptian ambassador from Israel, and ending the prevention of humanitarian relief caravans heading to Gaza and facilitating their efforts.

Meanwhile, MB lawyers organized a demonstration in front of the Lawyers Syndicate at 12 p.m. to condemn the Gaza massacre as another demonstration was organized by the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate at 2 p.m.

Furthermore, the MB called on all Arabs, Muslims, and free people around the world to organize rallies in the capitals and major cities of these countries on Monday, the 1st of Muharram, to protest with all their might against the Israeli attacks which are ringing the bell of another world war no one knows its end.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the number of martyrs in Gaza have reached at least 280 and more than 1000 have been injured as a result of the Israeli holocaust in the midst of a grave silence on the part of international forces.