MB MPs: Supporting Resistance Doesn’t Imply Sacrificing Egypt’s Security

MB MPs:  Supporting Resistance Doesn’t Imply Sacrificing Egypt’s Security

Secretary of Sectors in the MB Parliamentary Bloc MP Sobhy Saleh affirmed that the sovereignty and security of Egypt were red lines no one could disagree on or tamper with adding, “We are with resistance, by heart and soul but that doesn’t mean sacrificing Egypt’s security.”


Saleh considered the violation of law a crime that the MB do not accept referring to the sneaking of individuals into Egypt as well as the owning of weapons without license or governmental coordination.  Saleh further explained that the MB are against any disturbance of Egyptian security whether by an Egyptian or foreign pointing out at the same time that supporting resistance doesn’t conflict with national security policy.


MPs from the MB, NDP, and independents all affirmed Tuesday, April 14, that tampering with Egypt’s security was a red line.  Furthermore, the Arab Affairs, Defense, and National Security committee condemned Hezbollah’s leader Hasan Nasrallah for violating the sovereignty of Egyptian lands.


Egyptian security forces said last Wednesday that they had arrested 49 individuals linked to Hezbollah accusing them of planning attacks on Egypt.  Yesterday, April 15, however, a source from the general prosecution said that among the 49 were five Egyptians and Palestinians accused of spying and carrying unlicensed weapons.