MB MPs: We Will Continue Pressure on Gov’t Until It Responds

MB MPs:  We Will Continue Pressure on Gov’t Until It Responds

Member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc MP Ashraf Badruddin affirmed in a statement to Ikhwanweb that MB MPs will continue in their efforts to pressure the Egyptian government to stand in solidarity with the people in Gaza until the government responds to Egyptian people”s requests expressed by their representatives clarifying that MPs are open to all options for achieving their requests.

Badruddin requested the Egyptian government to freeze the Camp David Accords until it is re-proposed by the people and to end all forms of cooperation with the Israeli entity stressing that these requests are all cards in the hands of the Egyptian government that could be used to pressure Israel and force it to stop its offensive in Gaza.  Moreover, these requests are a message of support for the steadfast and persistent resistance in Gaza and a salutation for all the martyrs and war-wounded in Gaza.

It is worthy mentioning that independent and MB MPs held a sit-in in the Egyptian Parliament to condemn the Egyptian Parliament”s policies towards the people of Gaza which some MPs described as connivance with the Israeli entity in the Gaza holocaust entering its 19th day and killing and wounding around 6000 in Gaza.

The sit-in which began Wednesday morning and continued until 5 in the evening also aimed at renewing MPs” requests of expelling the Israeli ambassador from Cairo and withdrawing the Egyptian ambassador from Israel, cutting gas and petroleum supply to the Israeli entity, and opening the Rafah crossings for all forms of food and medical aid and for providing all kinds of other assistance for the people of Gaza.