MB MPs demand investigation into killing of Abu Zuhri

MB MPs demand investigation into killing of Abu Zuhri
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc in the Egyptian People’s Assembly demanded authorities immediately investigate the death of the younger brother of the prominent Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri in an Egyptian prison of Burj Al Arab on injuries sustained during ‘torture’.
Abu Zuhri, 38, the younger brother of a senior Hamas leader Sami Abu Zuhri, was arrested by security services in the city of Al-Arish near Egypt’s border with Gaza in April on suspicion of entering the country illegally through an underground tunnel amid reports that the prisoner has been subjected to severe torture sustained injuries yesterday evening which resulted in his death.
They also demanded that the perpetrators of this crime receive a quick and speedy trial, asserting that this incident will undoubtedly affect the Egyptian role in the peace process.
Muslim Brotherhood’s Parliamentary bloc demanded  the immediate release of all Palestinian prisoners in Egyptian jails without trial, stressing that what happened was an obstacle for national reconciliation, unity and reunification of the Palestinians.
  The torture of the prisoner and beating to death will certainly hamper Egyptian efforts to heal a rift between rival Palestinian factions, reflecting the Egyptian blatant and significant bias and favour of Israeli occupation forces and the authority of Abbas at the expense of resistance movements, currently led by Hamas.
Dr. Mohamed Saad El-Katatni, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Parliamentary bloc, has ascertained it was a clear breach of treaties and UN agreements on human rights which criminalizes torture and the endangering of the prisoner lives.