MB MPs Demand the Discussion of Education and Scientific Research

MB MPs Demand the Discussion of Education and Scientific Research

Each of the following members of MB Parliamerntary Bloc; Hamdi Zahran, Ali Laban, Abdullah Elewa, Ismail Thrwat, Hassanein Elshora, Hesham ElKadi, Mamoud Helmy, Ragab Abu Zeid, Adel Elbermawy, Mohamed Shaker Senar, Alam Eldin Elsakhawy, Mohamed Yusuf, Farid Ismail, Abdel Halim Helal, Abdel Aziz Khalaf, Abdel Hamid Zaghloul, Abdel Fatah Eid, Abdel Hamid Helal, Yasir Hamoud, Saad Hussein, Sabry Amer, Ali Ismail, have requested a public debate to discuss the worsening situation of education in Egypt generally and the scientific research in particular.

Sabry Amer, Muslim Brotherhood MP and one of those who requested the public debate, in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, has stated that MB MPs requested the discussion for the seriousness of this issue, adding that the carelessness in scientific researches in Egypt is not noticed by Egyptians only anymore, but it drew the attention of President Obama as he mentioned in one of his speeches that the carelessness and neglect in the area of scientific research must be noticed.

Amer criticized the budget of the scientific research comparing it to the budget of football matches which times the research”s budget.

He identified three points which he believes would reform the scientific research and these points are: ( A budget that matches the belief of the importance and the need for scientific research in the development and advancement of nations as well as taking into account the studies and solutions highlighted by Masters and PhDs which are being presented everyday, as it includes solutions for almost all crisis which we face in all aspects of life in addition to looking after scholars inside and outside Egypt, denouncing the appointment of scholars to administrative positions which fills their time and prevents them from making scientific researches.

Amer Added ” As for scholars abroad, it is unimaginable to have scholars like Ahmad Zeweil and Magdy Yacoup, from which the whole world benefits and we are unable to find a mechanism to activate and benefit from them inside Egypt.

He concluded his speech by warning from the continuous carelessness in the field of scientific research, accusing the government of failing to manage all institutions.