MB MPs Lodge Urgent Statements over Latest Detentions, Warn of Torturing Detainees

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarians directed tough criticisms to the Ministry of Interior over the recurrent crackdowns carried out by the security services against supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood group, detentions that included also a number of employees in the offices of some Members of parliament and arresting others for their participation in the local activities of the MPs in their constituencies.
These urgent statements and written questions come after jailing 29 MB leaders and figures from the governorates of Gharbiya, Sharqiya and Dakahlia for 15 days pending trial, following another decision from the prosecution of releasing; this means that the government offered an appeal that the prosecution accepted.
The prosecution accused them of ” joining an outlawed group, and staging marches during Al-Adha Feast and causing chaos in the street”; those the prosecution decided to jail include Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani, a member in the political committee of the group, and Dr. Amir Bassam a professor in Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, Asyut branch, and the Brotherhood candidate in Bilbeis constituency in 2005 elections.
From their parts, Eng. Saad Al Husseini, sheikh Al Sayed Askar, Eng. Mahmoud Amer and MPs Azab Mostafa, Mahmoud Mogahed, Yahya Al Meseiri and Ali Laban fielded urgent statements and written questions to both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior over the latest detentions that included arresting citizens from the governorates of Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Dakahlia, in addition to arresting citizens from Ussim constituency during the first day of Al-Adha Feast.
Eng. Mahmoud Amer the MP for Ussim confirmed that he will demand the attorney general to issue a decision of forming a medical committee to follow up the health of the four detainees who were arrested after the feast prayers, especially after the hideous torture that they face during the days of the feast by Ahmed Tawfik, Al-Warraq’s state security office manager and other officers who sent the four detainees to the state security headquarters in Giza, and the office manager didn’t release them lest the traces of torture appear on the detainees’ bodies specially Omar Mohamed Saad “17 years”.
Amer expressed his fear over the safety of these detainees after the severe torture that they faced in the state security office in Al-Warraq, pointing out that, not long ago, the detainee Mossad Qotb, the Muslim Brotherhood martyr, was killed by the state security members in Jabir Ibn-Hayyan in Doqqi, and the forensic medicine proved that he died affected by the torture he faced, fearing that any one of the four may face the same fate due to the intensefied, specially the young man Amr.
Amer stressed that he will not sue those torturers before justice and reveal them in front of the public opinion, confirming that he will not remain motionless till releasing these tortured detainees who were arrested withought any legal basis, and that he will exacerbate it to reach the president ” who does not approve such violations”.
Also, sheikh Sayed Askar denounced in an urgent statement to the Prime Minister the latest campaign of arrests against the Muslim Brotherhood cadres in Gharbiya Governorate, that included his office manager and a number of his aides in the constituency; the MP Askar confirmed that the security forces detained his office manager, Dr. Wahid Al Gazzaz, along with three of his aides who help him in his parliamentary and service work in the constituency, although there is no real legal basis that may justify arrsting them; Askar said that this government conduct and the Interior Ministry’s methods are a mistreatment to Egyptian Members of Parliament and contrary to its hollow slogans of democracy.
Askar demanded the Minister of the Interior to immediately release these detainees, specially that the prosecution released them but the state security services insist on holding them behind bars in the service headquarters in Tanta, and he said that the eight detainees from Gharbiya are still under arrest although the prosecution ordered releasing some of them; however, the State Security Police in Gharbiya has refused so far to release them.
In his urgent statement, Eng. Saad Al Husseini confirmed that the latest campaigns of detentions have crossed all legal and political limits, and that what the Ministry of Interior is doing is an unsuccessful attempt to curb the activities of Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs who revealed the corruption and recklessness of the government; the MP demanded the People’s Assembly to quickly discuss these urgent statements in the nearest session and summoning the Minister of the Interior to discuss these measures.
In a written question lodged by MP Azab Mostafa, he warned of the tortures that the detainees are facing, saying that this will lead to more martyrs under hands of the state security officers, something confrmed also by MPs Ali Laban, Yahya Al Meseiri and Mahmoud Mogahed.

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