MB MPs submit a memo to Sorour accusing Ezz of hostility against Badr El-Din.

MB MPs submit a memo to Sorour accusing Ezz of hostility against Badr El-Din.

 MPs Ashraf Badr El-Din, Mousa Ghanoum, Mohamed Shaker El-Deeb and Abdullah Elewa, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and members of the Plan and Budget Committee, submitted a memorandum against Ahmed Ezz, Head of the Committee, to the Head of the Parliament, Dr. Fathy Sorour, in which they accused Ezz of permanent, unjustified and intentional animosity against MP Ashraf Badr El-Din.


The MPs emphasized, in their memorandum, that they read  in the newspapers printed on Tuesday 29 December 2009, that a meeting for the Plan and Budget Committee was convened for  Monday, December 28, to discuss the draft law of opening an additional for the budget. The MPs asserted that in fact no notification was sent regarding the meeting which was convened in their absence despite the fact that they are members of the Committee.


The MPs emphasized “this ensued after Ezz prevented Badr El-Din from speaking in the previous meeting, despite allowing non-members of the committee to speak and this is in violation to Article 64 of the Parliamentary regulations which stipulates that the committee’s members have the priority to speak.


Badr El-Din demanded answers from the Parliament to the actual reasons behind not informing the MB MP’s of the date and time of the meeting. He wondered what it is exactly the Committee’s members had to hide. 


The MPs called on the Head of the Parliament to take the necessary actions needed   to investigate the reasons behind them not being invited to participate in the Plan and Budget Committee.