• MB News
  • August 25, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

MB Nominates Copts, Liberals For Lawyers’ Syndicate Elections

MB Nominates Copts, Liberals For Lawyers’ Syndicate Elections

Spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood lawyers Mohamed Tosson announced on Sunday that MB “national slate” for the Bar Association elections will include liberals, Islamists, and a Copt.


Tosson said that the “national” list is based on the MB’s wish to be represented at the syndicate rather than constitute a majority.


The list includes Mahmoud El Saqqa, member of Al Wafd party, leftist Mohamed El Damaty, Coptic lawyer Adel Ramzy Hanna, Mamdouh Ismail from the Islamist organization, as well as independents.


“We want to redeem the syndicate from what has happened to it,” said El Saqqa at the press conference, referring to incumbent pro-NDP syndicate chief Sameh Ashour, who El Saqqa said has impeded the process of change members sought at the syndicate.


Tosson confirmed that MB lawyers have not yet decided about a nominee for the chairman position. This will be announced on Monday.


“We decided to postpone this announcement until the door for nomination is closed; the decision will depend on discussions and consensus among MB lawyers. We will either support one of the nominees, or be impartial,” Tosson said in a press conference.


Islamic group lawyer Mamdouh Ismail justified his candidature for the MB list saying; “I will stand for the ’salafi’ trend. I want to open the way for Salafists to participate in public work.”