MB offshoot calls for discussion of election law

MB offshoot calls for discussion of election law

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front called for nationwide dialogue to create a modern and democratic election law after it had announced it would boycott the parliamentary elections scheduled for November.

The IAF had decided to boycott the elections maintaining that the current election law lacked the necessary element for political reform in Jordan

According to observers the government failed during the meeting to persuade the MB’s political arm to withdraw its decision of boycotting the parliamentary elections; however official IAF sources stress that they would need time to consider its next move.

Rifai highlighted during the meeting that it was significant the IAF partake in the elections  to serve the political development process adding that the government was committed to improving the political development asserting it was imperative both individuals and parties become involved in the elections.

The upcoming parliamentary elections in November is expected to endorse  the country’s Election Law which advocates  the one-man, one-vote system which resulted in  downsizing  the number of constituencies.

The IAF had previously slammed and opposed the election law and repeatedly called for amending it.

The last parliamentary elections in 2007 in Jordan took place amidst accusations of vote rigging and vote purchasing.