MB offshoot in Jordan and National Unity Party to boycott elections

MB offshoot in Jordan and National Unity Party to boycott elections

Officials from Jordan ‘s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, the Islamic Action Front (IAF) met with the National Unity Party to discuss an imminent unified boycott of the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sources claimed that both parties held a national conference prior to the polls to discuss the country’s political climate and methods of engagement for the development for genuine reform. On Wednesday, Saeed Thiab, secretary general of the National Unity Party, told Jordan Times  during a telephone conversation:

“…The conference would tackle the most pressing issues on political reform and would see a number of senior opposition figures express their views on the parliamentary elections and the status of democracy in the Kingdom in general,”

According to officials from the IAF, the two parties will be collectively working on a number of issues to shed light on the “negative impact” of the current election laws. Secretary Generalfor the group, Hamza Mansour, explained the main focus is to combine the efforts of opposing parties to push for political reform. He further expressed that while the MB offshoot respects the decisions by other political parties to participate in the elections, the IAF chose to boycott after thorough discussions and studies.

Mansour emphasized that positive cooperation among parties would, undoubtedly, contribute to development of a solid platform for the opposition in the coming future.