MB Offshoot in Jordan Approves Strategy to Increase Membership

MB Offshoot in Jordan Approves Strategy to Increase Membership

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, The Islamic Action Front, has approved a four-year strategy to increase the membership base of its political party during an IAF Shura Council meeting.

According to Tayseer Fityani, head of the political arm’s internal court, the political and economic situation in Jordan is ready for the IAF to increase the number of its members by at least 50 per cent. He added that there would be no changes to membership conditions, stressing he expected the party – founded in 1993 and considered the largest in the country – to become more active in the community.

Recommendations from at least two founding members will be required and those wishing to join must be at least 18-year-old Jordanians.

Other decisions on the Party’s agenda include tackling political, economic and social challenges, and the establishment of two national campaigns against the rising cost of living and corruption. A committee will also be formed to address rising social violence which will be entrusted to engage with different groups of society to put an end to bloody feuds that threaten the country’s stability.

Internal sources maintained that other issues discussed during the meeting included ties with the Palestinian Authority and Israel as well as progress of the peace process.

The party has confirmed that it is open to engaging in dialogue with all parties in the country, including the government.

Upcoming roles have been assigned within the party’s leadership in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflict of interest in an effort to engage with the government over issues of public concern.