MB offshoot in Jordan considers boycotting elections

MB offshoot in Jordan considers boycotting elections

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot alleged senior leaders expected there would be no integrity during the electoral procedures.


According to Ali Abul Sukkar, president of The Islamic Action Front Shura council, President Ali Abul Sakr maintained that any disregard to transparency may prompt the IAF from becoming involved in the elections denying that any decision had been made to participate in the elections scheduled November 9. He added that proceedings in the former 2007 elections including irregularities eliminated any form of trust between the party and authorities. He urged that an international body and civil society groups be summoned to monitor the elections and expose any fraud or rigging that may happen during the elections.


A final decision by the IAF regarding participation in the elections is still to be discussed with the head office of the Muslim Brotherhood and its final decision will be publicly announced Sukkar said

Opposition parties have expressed dissatisfaction over the Recently temporary Elections Law issued have harvested much dissatisfaction by opposition factors who claim that the Interior  Ministry will enjoy much impact  over the election process. The parties appealed to the government to reassess the registration which has transferred thousands of voters from their constituencies to larger cities to serve the interest of certain candidates.


Promises have been made by the government which assured it would address the registration procedures and ensure elections are free, fair and transparent.