MB offshoot in Jordan meets with Prime Minister

MB offshoot in Jordan meets with Prime Minister

 Jordan’s Prime Minister Samir Rifai is expected to meet with leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front on Saturday to discuss numerous issues.

IAF leaders have asserted that everything will be out in the open during discussions including the reasons behind their decision to boycott November’s upcoming parliamentary elections which came about as a result of the lack of dialogue with the government.

Rifai asserted that the government has apparently taken the necessary initiatives to guarantee free and fair elections, in accordance to requests from King Abdullah. During a visit to the Professional Association earlier this week he alleged that the government was open to all “practical” suggestions that would facilitate the parliamentary electoral process.

According to the Premier the ball is now in the MB’s where court he stressed

they should come up with “practical suggestions”, other than amending the Elections Law, since any review of the law would not be feasible now and would only mean postponing the elections, thus leaving a long legislative vacuum in the country that no political party can desire’.

He maintained that the Islamists are an inseparable part of the Jordanian social and political fabric where he called on them to demonstrate good intentions and hold national interests above anything else.