MB offshoot in Jordan praises Morocco’s reform initiative

MB offshoot in Jordan praises Morocco’s reform initiative

In a statement Rashid stresses that Morocco’s reform platform is an example to follow. Rashid commended the comprehensive reforms which were announced on March 9 including greater independence for the judiciary, enhanced powers for the prime minister, and the separation of powers, which indicated an apparent move towards a constitutional monarchy.

A meeting had been scheduled by Jordan’s government on March 14 encouraging national dialogue. Close to 60 people were invited including members of the IAF however the invitation was declined by 5 including the IAF who asserted that it would join the dialogue commission if it is ready to discuss constitutional reforms. It stressed that these demands are essential and will empower the people, through a parliamentary government.

Senate president for the IAF Taher Masri stated that the party feels that the regime is unwilling to make reforms and is stalling for time by preoccupying the public adding the opposition will continue to pressure in the hope that the regime will respond.

Jamil Abu Bakr spokesman for the IAF claimed that the government’s actions and behaviour reveal that it is not serious about reform. He added “We want true reforms that meet people’s demands and aspirations. The people are the source of all powers”.

The IAF and other groups have been calling for sweeping reforms, including a new electoral law that would lead to a parliamentary government and elected prime minister rather than appointed by the king.