MB on Arab Summit: Absence of Some Arab Leaders is Poor Judgment

MB on Arab Summit: Absence of Some Arab Leaders is Poor Judgment

MB urged in a statement released at the heel of the Arab Summit convenig today in Syria the Arab leaders to rethink the current mechanisms through which these summits are held so they can be more effective in better serving the best interests of the people. The Muslim Brotherhood expressed its concern that the decision by several Arab leaders to ignore the summit and send low level delegations during this critical time is a sign of “serious defect” in their judgment, according to the statement.

“This conference comes amidst a presidential crisis in Lebanon and the underlying Syrian role, which would of have required that all Arab leaders to make an extra effort to attend the conference rather than boycotting it”

The MB stressed that dialogue, not animosities and infighting is the only way to resolve grievances, and called on Arab leaders to confront their problems with courage.

The Statement did not rule an American pressure behind the decision of some Arab leaders to downgrade their representation, in order not to take decisive recommendations in several pressing issues including the Palestinian case, the disaster in Iraq and the Lebanese conflict.

“The US administration’s continuous meddling in the Arab affairs and imposing certain agendas on them, is aiming primarily at rearranging the entire region and redrawing its map in order to weaken the nation, break its will and control its resources”

The statement urged all the Arab countries to unite so they can better prepare to face the American and Israeli plan for the region.

“The Arab Nations have no other alternative but to unite and coordinate their efforts according to an Islamic and nationalist agenda and through firm determination to put the people’s interests and security first, support the resistance in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, and end the Palestinians’ suffering”

The statement concluded by emphasizing on the urgent need for a comprehensive political reform in the Arab world to achieve genuine democracy.

“The Arab Summits will not be able to address the current problems and resolve the crisis we are facing without responding to the calls for domestic reform and fulfill the people’s aspirations to a genuine democracy based on political pluralism, rotation of power. A democracy that consider the people to be the source of power, by giving them the right to freely choose their representatives and vote for the platforms that reflect their ambitions and desires”