MB Opinion: Arrests, Resistance Support and Persecution of Uyghur Muslims

MB Opinion: Arrests, Resistance Support and Persecution of Uyghur Muslims

1– There is no doubt that the detentions and marginalizing of the people is having a negative impact on stability and development:

The past few days’ incidents have revealed that the deterioration is rooted in the regime"s maltreatment and the way in which it is dealing with its citizens and national powers. It illustrated the extent of its shortcomings of both the legislative and executive authorities.

1) The unilateral dissolution of the People’s Assembly by the President without referring to any other figure unveiled the imbalance of the relationship between the authorities; moreover, it weakens the nation. The possibility of impending Egypt’s development and progress is displayed for the whole world to witness.

2) Underestimating the citizens and insisting that they are unable or even unfit to choose- as stated by the People’s Assembly speaker- requires instant action by citizens moving to achieve what is rightfully theirs, fighting for freedom and resisting tyranny and injustice.

3) The continuing of unjust arrests and slander against the Muslim Brotherhood and the threat of stability of the livelihoods of their families is not in the interest of the nation and will lead to instability, corruption, serving the interests of the Zionists.
2- Zionist settlements and the need for the continued support of the resistance:
 What is happening on the Palestinian territories cannot be ignored, where malicious attempts to liquidate the resistance are taking place by hoping to hinder its role. We, therefore, affirm the following:
1) The continued support of the resistance is very significant and it is governments’ obligation to deter and eliminate the Zionist project as there is no way to impose peace but through the existence of an equal balance of power.

2) Detention of the Palestinian resistance fighters  and confiscating their weapons provides free service to the Zionists, and their schemes at the expense of the resistance which is considered the most durable and strong strategic alternative.

3- Aggression against Uyghur Muslims and the shedding of their blood is being practiced in all parts of the world: 

 The blood of Muslims seems to be considered of no value where repetitive incidents of violence prove this. Recent violence in China, India, Philippines, Chechnya and Afghanistan, has killed more than one hundred and fifty Muslims, wounding nearly a thousand and detaining thousands in the territory of East Turkistan.  Protests have taken place against racial discrimination, oppression, impoverishment and social marginalization in addition to the change in the demographics of the region. They are being threatened by more terrorism while the Muslim rulers all over the world embrace inherited silence.
The West, however, is reluctant to confirm the racist and hatred of Islam and Muslims as they disregard the lives and blood of Muslims. The veiled victim Dr. Marwa Elsherbini, for example, was killed by a German not for committing a crime but rather she was committed for her adherence with the Islamic dress in obedience to her Lord and respect for her religion.
To confront this aggression against Muslims, we validate the following:

1 The uniting of Islamic nations against international barbarian attacks and expressing their position by all possible means.

2) The boycotting by Muslims of products manufactured by the enemies of the Islamic Nations.