MB Opinion: Egypt Gains the Seeds of the Revolution

MB Opinion: Egypt  Gains the Seeds of the Revolution

Egypt is currently witnessing a new phase of the revolution nationally and internationally where finally reconciliation between the Palestinian factions has taken place to end years of division. The visit to Ethiopia by the Egyptian delegation was a great success. However, there are attempts by the counter revolution to cause unrest in the country as well as attempts to create sectarian tension in the country.

The MB confirms its awareness of the attempts of those who do not wish national security or stability for Egypt . This is further supported by the statement of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that international websites are operating to create sectarian tension.

The incidents which took place on Labor Day is an act of the counter revolution, therefore, local committees and trade unions must be resolved to face such acts like those which took place on Labor’s Day.

The MB stresses that the Freedom and Justice Party is an independent party and is not the MB’s party.

Al-Azhar insitution is well-respected by the MB and should be independent in order to carry out its role in spreading moderate Islam in Egypt and the Muslim world.

The MB congratulates the success of the delegation to Ethiopia and calls for the continuity of these campaigns which should also be supported by businessmen.

The MB congratulates the Palestinians for the reconciliation between its factions after years of division, and salutes the martyrs who died during the war against the Israelis or during the siege. It notes that their sacrifice will support the resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The MB calls on the international community to hold the US accountable for putting the national security of other countries at risk and for using violence against its enemies in violation of international laws. The assassination of Bin Laden proves US intervention in the affairs of other countries, and its actions and violations must be stopped immediately.

The MB strongly condemns placing the body of Bin Laden in the sea and refusing to send his body to his family to be buried according to Islamic law.