MB Opinion: On the recent arrests of the MB

MB Opinion: On the recent arrests of the MB
Twelve other   MB leaders and prominent figures in the Egyptian society were also arrested emphasizing the ruling system’s intentions of excluding and rejecting the participation of popular political and public forces in the upcoming Parliamentary and Shura Council elections.
These arrests come as continuous corruption and oppression by the ruling system without consideration of the challenges facing the state internally and externally. Rather than  prioritizing these challenges to ease the social tension to overcome the economic crisis and to start reconciliation between the regime and all segments of the society the regime turned to unjust and tyrannical measures. The arrests follow the much respected elections for Chairman which were held within the Brotherhood’s Movement which reflected the social and political maturity of the movement and this did not appeal to the authorities which seeks tension and instability and violates freedoms.
This also came in the context of the challenges facing the Palestinian cause which is the central case in the Arab and Islamic world where it seems that there is an underlying effort to abort and undermine all forces supporting the Palestinian people and the resistance against Israelis to liberate Palestine and the Aqsa mosque. 
We would like to stress the following:
1. The MB was based on reform on the basis of correct and complete Islam through all and any peaceful means. We try to call people to Islam in which the government is a part of and freedom is one of its obligations. The regime should abandon the destructive means and measures it follows which seeks to undermine the identity, culture and civilization of the Egyptians.
2. These unjust campaigns will neither affect, nor distract us from our call and path. We will not be deterred from our approach and method of reform and gradual and peaceful change. Our main strategy in the next phase will be the continuous work of the MB to ensure the achievement of our goals which we seek through all means of a constitutional and peaceful struggle by extending relations and dialogue with all internal parties for the interest of the nation.
3. The continuous arrests and host of unjust accusations against the MB and the ongoing animosity against them in their work  will not benefit the nation; in fact it will lead to instability and this is in the interest of the Israeli entity.
4. These arrests are aimed to silence all opposing voices of the honourable citizens; hence we call upon all the national forces to condemn these campaigns, expose it and  unite together in the face of tyranny and corruption.
5. These arrests are a definitive response to those who claim that the MB movement has divisions, streams and wings which some called as “reformers”, “conservatives”, “pigeons” and “hawks”. These arrests are a response to the poisoned claims of deals between the MB and the corrupted regime.
6. These frequent oppressive measures stress the plight of the system and the failure of its policies in addition to the evident problems suffered by the Egyptian citizens.
7. These measures distort the reputation and dignity of Egypt and deprive the citizens from effectively playing their creative roles in the interests of the nation and homeland. It also serves the interest of a numbered few in order for them to remain in position, encouraging them to continue corruption and oppression, and seizing the wealth of the nation for the interest of a few people. Hence this encourages the global hegemony (Americans and Israelis) and we the MB will neither approve of nor condone.