MB Opinion:Arrests, Zionist Ships, Slandering Ministers and Double Standards Truly a Cocktail

MB Opinion:Arrests, Zionist Ships, Slandering Ministers and Double Standards Truly a Cocktail

At a time when Brotherhood members are facing arrests, raid campaigns, unjustified accusations and fabricated charges all of which are contrary to the Constitution and law, Zionist warships pass through the Suez Canal. Adding salt to the wound is, Egypt’s Foreign Minister”s bold indifference claiming that there is simply nothing irregular with this, claiming that nothing can be done in preventing Israeli vessels passing through the Canal as long as no harm is done.


 Moreover, the Interior Minister pointed fingers at the Brotherhood labeling them and uttering disgraces like terrorism, violence, money laundering, opportunistic movement and other accusations. The Muslim Brotherhood has in fact been acquitted from all charges in legal hearings.  The public opinion has witnessed that the Muslim Brotherhood in many parts of the Muslim world suffices as a perfect example of patriotism, honesty, sincerity, and dedication.

In this regard we emphasize the following:


1. The Muslim Brotherhood movement in adopting Islamic principles and approaches remains intensely loyal to the Islamic message. They do not promote or advocate the insulting or purposeful harming of anybody or bodies or even institutions. They never seek to retaliate or render evil for evil, but always seek to foster a spirit of love, intimacy and brotherhood. This is as our Almighty Allah ordered (speak kindly to people) (AL-BAQARA: 83) they express deep concern about the security and stability of Egypt and its citizens.

2. The movement was, and still is, Allah willing the pillar of faith and morals upon which all oppression and injustices practiced by the successive regimes ruling Egypt for more than eighty years faded away, they will not deviate or be discouraged  from the right path by remarks attributed by any Minister or fabricated charges challenged by the security services.

3. The Movement was established for the reform with the basis of the comprehensive understanding of Islam which was practiced by all peaceful means.  The Brotherhood and the government should call people to Islam as freedom is one of Islam’s rights.

4. All shameful slanders and accusations that the government directed at the group’s leaders, only reflects the dishonest political rivalry and intentions of tarnishing Egypt’s dignity and reputation.

5. The Muslim Brotherhood’s method of reform is clear, where terrorism, violence and blasphemy all are characteristics not relevant to the Brotherhood or their own curriculum and practices. The movement has repeatedly announced its principles and morals and it has become renowned to all.

6. The special courts, detention without trial and emergency or military tribunals will not harm the brotherhood Allah willing. The movement and its subordinators will proceed and not draw back because we aim for Allah”s blessings and mercy and there is no defender for the wrong-doers.

7. If the Zionists with their fleets and warships are innocent, who would be the offender then?!! The Zionists are guilty of the daily bloodshed of the Palestinians while the Muslim Brotherhood members are to plead guilty because they assist the Palestinians and treat their wounds.

8. The regime by all its institutions is in conflict with the Constitution where they have denied the free will of the Egyptian people who loathe the Zionists especially when their ships pass through the Suez Canal in violation to the Constitution and the international laws. They use the emergency law and refer civilians to special or military tribunals. They don’t show respect for the judiciary and abuse the court’s rulings where they do not carry out its orders.