MB Parliamentary Bloc Backs Egyptian Journalists, Praises Role Against Regime’s Tyranny

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc issued a statement in which it expresses its solidarity with journalists in Egypt an all over the world, on the occasion of marking the World Press Freedom Day.

Text of the Statement 

 While marking World Press Freedom Day, the world is witnessing more oppression against media persons who insist on carrying out their duty.
Appreciating their role and on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc confirms its support to the journalists and back them in their attempts to attain their full freedoms guaranteed by constitutions and international covenants to help them do their duty of revealing truth and getting information.
The MB bloc praises efforts exerted by the Egyptian journalists, in particular, under the unabated oppression and harassments exercised by the Egyptian regime, making or country listed one of the world’s worst ten countries in harassments towards journalists, according to the international report on press freedom.
The MB bloc demands also releasing all detained journalists in Egypt and all over the world, and dropping charges against those sued over fake charges due to carrying their press duties, and lifting all restrictions imposed on the press.

Dr. Mohamed Saad El Katatni
Secretary General of The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc
Cairo 3/5/2007