MB parliamentary bloc calls for Israa Abdul-Fattah’s release

MB parliamentary bloc calls for Israa Abdul-Fattah’s release

Dr. Hamdi Hasan, member of the MB parliamentary bloc, called for the release of Israa Abdul-Fattah who is charged with calling for April 6th strike.

In an urgent statement submitted to the Premier and ministers of Interior and Justice, he stressed the importance of not assaulting or humiliating Israa and called for punishing those kidnapped her.

Hasan said that the MB, state”s agencies, and civil society call for women”s participation in political life; however it seems that such participation is limited to those hailing and supporting the ruling party”s policies and leaders.

“Israa might not have voting ID, however she positively participated in the country”s conditions, therefore it is not acceptable to be detained as well as denying the access of her family, advocates, friends, and Egyptian supporters.

Hasan urged the concerned ministers to maintain the benefits of the people and country and inquired “where is Israa? Who has forcefully kidnapped her against constitution and law? Why are constitution and law not respected?!”

“She is neither a terrorist nor a drug dealer. She- as well as other detained Egyptians- tried to express her opinion through her personal computer!” he added.

He also inquired about the opinion of the National Council for Women (NCW) regarding kidnapping Israa, and asked “Does the NCW defend the NDP”s ladies only? If ok, let it get the budget from the NDP not from Egypt “s general balance and change it name instead of such trickery.”