MB Parliamentary bloc calls on ruling regime to respect Court orders.

MB Parliamentary bloc calls on ruling regime to respect Court orders.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful,

Dear Sir, Speaker of the  People’s Assembly


I would like to get a written response from the Prime Minister Dr Ahmed Nazif and the Egyptian Minister of Interior Major General Habib Al-Adly regarding the continuation of the arrest of Sinai blogger Mosaad Abu Fajr. This is in response to a new UN report which confirms that Egypt ‘s security forces continue to kidnap torture and lock up innocent citizens in secret prisons. For what, are these measures practiced? For Mosaad Abu Fajr and all the Mosaad unjustly detained I submit this question.

On December 26th, 2007, Abu Fajr was arrested and was accused with charges that security bodies use to lever against any political activists calling for democracy. The same charges such as instigation to riot and sabotage of public properties in addition to others were levered against him, as his imprisonment renewal was decided by the general prosecution repeatedly.

This comes at the time that Cairo International Book Fair witnessed the running out of all Abu Fajr novel copies (Talaat El-Badn) or (the countenance of the body) where he discussed the security bodies’ severe violations suffered by Sinai Bedouins which the Egyptian government is trying to conceal and hide all the time.

Abu Fagr has also used his blog Bedna Ne`ish (We Want to Live) to raise difficulties faced by Egypt ‘s Bedouin community. He is a member of the Democratic Front Party who has repeatedly called for the development and improvement of the Sinai Bedouin life, especially in light of the harsh conditions experienced by the people there.

Abu Fajr has been issued numerous release orders by prosecution and 16 rearrest warrants issued over a two year period. Despite 15 court acquittals he continues to be detained. I urge the Egyptian Interior Minister to comply with the court orders and order the immediate and unconditional release.

 I would like to assert that author and blogger Mossad Abu Fajr is neither a terrorists nor a drug trafficker, so why the continued detention and the defiance of the court’s orders.  I wonder what the situation would be if Abu Fajr was a non-Muslim and what methods would be taken to free the innocent citizen. I beseech all Egyptian authorities anew to set him free and respect the constitution, law and international charters that Egypt has ratified upon, with regard to protection of freedom of expression, the right of peaceful gathering and most importantly the right of a fair trial for Abu Fajr.

The demand for basic human rights of the Sinai Bedouin is not a crime I fear for his life and I call on all responsible to interfere and follow through with the court orders.