MB Parliamentary Bloc Condemns Friday’s Arrests

The MB Parliamentary Bloc, headed by Dr. Saad el Katatni, released a statement on Saturday August 26, 2006, regarding yesterday’s arrests which extended to MB leaders topped by the group Secretary General Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and Executive Bureau member Mr. Lashin Abu Shanab.

The Bloc in its statement strongly criticized the government for leaving the corrupts and thieves tamper with the country’s resources while arresting the honorable and patriotic citizens.

The Bloc expressed its surprise and disbelief over these arrests, asking sarcastically if Mr. Lashin Abu Shanab was the chief defendant in the case of the passenger ship which sank early this year, or that Dr.Mahmoud Ezzat was the one who caused the train crash last week.

The Bloc also stated that the actions by the security forces against the group are unjustified and do not serve the nation best interests, besides furthering political congestion within the Egyptian society. The Bloc called on the sages in the nation to stand up to “those who seek to drag the nation toward more political crises to the detriment of the entire people”. It called for the release of Dr. Ezzat and all the political detainees including Dr.Mohamed Morsi and Dr. Essam el Eryan. The Bloc lamented the detention of former MP Dr.Mohamed Morsi” He tabled several interpellations on corruption and neglect in the Railway, local government and building sectors, and now he is in prison while the corrupts and thieves enjoy freedom and protection.” ,the Bloc said, calling on the committees of PA  Defense and National Security and Human Rights to convene an urgent meeting to discuss these developments and bring to account those officials responsible for this political chaotic state of affairs.

Names of MB Members Who Were Detained Friday:

1- Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, the group secretary general, Cairo.
2- Ustaz Lasheen Abu Shanab, Executive Bureau member, Gharbia Governorate, north of Egypt.
 3- Dr. Mohye Hamed- Sharqiya Governorate, north of Egypt.
4- Dr. Mostafa el Ghoneimy, Gharbia Governorate.
5- Eng. Mosaad Kotb, Gharbia Governorate.                     
6- Eng. Ahmed Abbas, Gharbia Governorate. 
7- Eng.Abdul Fattah el Sisi, Gharbia Governorate. 
8- Dr. Masoud Hassan Fayed, Kafr el Sheikh Governorate, north of Egypt.
9- Hajj Usama al Husseiny, Kafr el Sheikh Governorate.
10- Ammar Usama el Husseiny, Student, Kafr el Sheikh. 
11 – Dr. Hassan Abu Shaishaa, Kafr el Sheikh Governorate.
12- Hajj Jalal Abdul Aziz (80 years), Kafr el Sheikh Governorate. 
13 – Dr. Mohamed al Gazar, Qalyoubia Governorate, north of Egypt.
14- D. Mustafa Haikal, Qaliubia, Greater Cairo. 
15- Dr. Hisham Khafaji, Qaliubia Governorate, Greater Cairo.  
16- Dr. Ashour el Halawani, Menoufya- north of Egypt. 
17- Eng. Naguib Al Zareef- Menoufya