MB Parliamentary Bloc Denounces Unjust Military Court Rulings

MB Parliamentary Bloc Denounces Unjust Military Court Rulings

The MB parliamentary bloc learned with shock the unjust decisions passed by the military tribunal against 25 MB leading figures who were sentenced for three up to ten years in prison.

Such a case has had all of its procedures nullified and all the evidence was proven baseless by the defense during the trial in which the sole “miraculous” government witness claims to have solely done all necessary investigations of all detainees in three continents and nine governorates inside Egypt by himself!

Media and human rights watchdogs were denied access to the tribunal’s sessions . . .which violates all legal standards. The detainees were not told the verdicts and their families were encroached upon by the security forces in an unprecedented manner.

Such verdicts were passed against a group of honest reformists at the same time when the regime faisl to prosecute those responsible for killing 1300 Egyptians in the ferry’s disaster, or puts an end to the corruption that spread across the country 

 Military decisions were passed at time when the social and economic problems have escalated, and majority of Egyptians are suffering due to the low living standards and the government”s failure to manage the crises that began to erupt in many sectors, emergence of probable chaos in Egypt due to many social protest movements, and increased public discontent in Egypt.

The MB parliamentary bloc is fully aware that the court decisionswere utterly political, and the regime cannot stand real political cometition facing a popular movement with large grassroots. Therefore, the regime resorted to the constitutional amendments, cancelled the judicial supervision on elections, rigged the Shura Council elections in May 2005, and denied the MB the opportunity to run for local elections. 

We are confident that such tyrant political decisions will neither undermine the Muslim Brotherhood nor limit its popularity as desired by the regime. For over 50 years, the MB has been subject to oppression and arbitrary arrests but never undermined its ability to serve the people. Rough times has always strenghened the MB and its made it more determined to continue its march towards peaceful reform despite obstacles.

We promise our great people that we will relentlessly continue this march which we began many years ago to end government corruption and work on restoring the peoples” rights and freedoms no matter what the sacrifices are .

Prof. Muhammad Saad al-Katatni

Head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc