MB Parliamentary Bloc Holds a Conference In Support of Resistance

Under the slogan”Resistance is the Road to Victory”, the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc held a conference in Alexandria in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people. A host of politicians and political researchers, as well as the leadership of the governorate, participated in the conference.

On the recent events in Lebanon, Bloc’s Spokesman, Dr. Hamdy Hassan praised the courageous the Hizbullah- led resistance which “fights for the dignity of the entire Arab nation after it has been humiliated and deceived for many years”

Hassan stressed the need of providing material and moral support to the Lebanese people, and reminded the nation that the boycott of the Israeli and American goods must pass from father to son, seeing it as an effective mean with serious economic and political impacts on the enemy. Hassan warned of leaving Hizbullah vulnerable to the Israeli deadly attacks, considering the defeat of Hizbullah is a defeat of the Arab people.

For his part, Dr. Riffat Sayed Ahmed, the Chairman of the Arab Committee for Solidarity with the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, said that the resistance in Lebanon is a true victory for Arabs and a turning point in the Arab Israeli conflict as it exposed the Arab rulers’ incompetence and their failure to lead their people to victory. He also said that for the first time Israel has been taken by surprise as the resistance managed to fire rockets against its main land and military equipment. He credited the resistance’s victory to its steadfastness, self confidence and trust in God’s support, in addition to the awareness and devotion of its leadership.

Mr. Wagih Afifi, the director of the Arab Center for Strategic Studies, shrugged off criticism by some Arab governments to Hizbullah and said that Hizbullah is doing what most Arabs hope to do, which is retaliating against the crimes committed by Israel in Lebanon and Palestine.