MB Parliamentary bloc ready and waiting to disclose NDP’s scandals.

MB Parliamentary bloc ready and waiting to disclose NDP’s scandals.

  The next session which will be its last session of the existing parliament,  scheduled to begin tomorrow will witness several scenarios prepared by Ahmed Ezz, Secretary of the Organization in the National Democratic Party (NDP) and will be implemented by the NDD majority against the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, independents and other opposition party MPs.

The observers and political analysts emphasized that the  provocative language used in the National Democratic Party’s sixth annual congress  by the NDP majority against the opposition factions particularly the Brotherhood’s deputies’ was aimed  to anger the opposition and to distract them from focusing on the NDP’s mistakes.


“The last scene to be taken by the political opposition under the dome of parliament, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood is also a major embarrassment for the Government and the ruling National Democratic Party”, political analysts said. The ruling party will also face fierce opposition by opposing trends intend to increase its questioning in parliament that may reach up to more than 400 urgent questions and requests that will reveal cases of corruption in elections. Political Analysts pointed out that that the opposition powers, in the current parliamentary session, concurred  that they may submit their resignations and file a note of protest to Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to detect despotism, the absence of genuine democracy and marginalization of the opposition’s role under the parliamentary dome by the NDP MPs.


The Deputies Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Salah Al-Sayegh, Mustafa Bakri, Hussein Ibrahim and Mohsen Radi expect exceptional and fierce parliamentary session in which the majority may adopt illegal procedures which are not compatible with parliamentary norms on instruction and prior meetings with Organization Secretary Ahmed Ezz. 

”We will not tolerate any intervention or keep silent and we will defend ourselves vigorously, which may cause embarrassment to the government and the National Party, saying “We have gained great popularity among the broad popular masses making them  aware of the majority’s real influence.”

”They ascertained that they have prepared  several legislative and regulatory plans” the MPs said, adding that they will oppose several bills and amendments being prepared by the government especially the revision of the electoral law which aims to dedicate specific constituencies as a courtesy for some NDP MPs. MPs will frustrate a conspiracy to divide some of the major constituencies into small ones and to allocate seats for women as well as special parliament seats for Helwan and 6th October governorates. They will amend the Health Insurance Act, which will be a loss for pensioners and low-income and the Human Organ Transplant Act, which would open the door to trafficking legally in human organs and exploit poor people.



They stressed that their questions will discuss cases of corruption, wasting of public money, and the government’s responsibility on the increasing number of poor and marginalized within the Egyptian society. Also discussed will be the national projects the where  government is still spending billions of pounds without making apparent progress including Tasha, Valley of Technology, the National Project for the Development of Northern Sinai, the export of the Egyptian Gas to the IOA. They will discuss also issues of tycoons and NDP MPs who illegally seize State lands as well as selling of public sector companies.



MP Dr. Ibrahim Jaafari, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, emphasized that government statements always focused on 23 laws and presidential decree but the fact that the Government’s vision on the legislative agenda be preset for debate in the Parliament has not yet entered into force. All this was raised on the NDP conference and in the words of President Mubarak represents the general framework of legislation that can be made by the government but the government as usual submits urgent legislation without serious consideration. There is legislation made in the last minute as was the case of women’s representation at legislative council and Legislation special interests and lobbyists “financial and economic lobby” as in law on the protection of competition and the prevention of monopolistic practices.



Jaafari suggested that the legislative agenda include his intention to amend the Housing and Construction law, real estate tax, certain laws related to Islamic law, public employment law, food safety law, democratic trade unions, the law regulating charitable endowment, amending the law on protection of competition and the prevention of monopolistic practices. The legislative agenda of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc will tackle three major files along with some sub-issues, which include the major cases of corruption, freedom and public security, health and education.



This comes at a time when the National Party decided not to make any changes in leadership positions within the Parliament where Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour in his current position as Speaker of the People’s Assembly (PA), Dr Zeinab Radwan and Abdel Aziz Mustafa as two deputy speakers. Heads of panels and committees will remain in office without any real change.