MB Parliamentary Bloc Rejects Gov’t’s Proposed Judiciary Bill

The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc issued a statement Sunday June 25, 2006, rejecting the judiciary bill proposed by the government. The statement also said that the bill “beats around the bush” by ignoring the judges’ demands topped by full independence of judiciary authority. The bill kept the main disputed matters unchanged, including the remaining of the highest judiciary bodies under the control of the Executive Authority.

The proposed government bill leaves all significant judiciary posts, including the Minister of justice, affiliated with the Executive Authority, which gives the latter the absolute right to nominate or unseat judges. The  government bill will also give the Executive Authority the power right to refer a judge to the Disciplinary Council in addition to appointing the head of the Supreme Judiciary Council, the Attorney General, and that the Minister of Justice.

The statement, signed by Bloc Chairman Dr. Saad el Katatny, presented to Parliament another bill which it says will meet the judges and the Egyptian people’s demands.  

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