MB participates in ’the Arab Democrats’ Network’

A group of political and human-rights personas of eight Arab nationalities announced the formation of ’the Arab Democrats’ Network’ established to foster political and peaceful reform in the Arab world.
’The new network is established to be a democracy beacon for advocates of peaceful and rational political reform in the Arab world. It is, in addition, intended to provide communicative channels and periodical meetings for Arab democrats. Moreover, it embodies a solidarity system for its members, if subject to harassment or oppression,’ the network 60-member founders proclaimed. They expect the number to increase. The network membership is available to all Arab democracy advocates. its association includes Islamists, secularists and liberalists of eight Arab nationalities; Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Jordon, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
El-Sadiq el-Mahdy, the president of the Sudanese Al-Omah Party, Saad el-Dean el-Othmany, Mustafa el-Mo’tasem, Bogomah Khasher, Saad el-Dean Ibrahem, the head of Ibn Khaldon Centre, Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salah el-Dean el-Khorshy, Saidah el-Acramy, Ahmed Wanes, an ex ambassador, Muhassen Marzoq, Radwan el-Masmody, the Jordanian Hany el-Hwrany, and the Yemeni el-Sadiq Seleman, a former ambassador are among the most outstanding architects of the organization.
’The network aims to enhance democratization and political reform in Arab countries. It is an independent system. It works hard to find a joint ground of communication for all reform-seeking intellectual tendencies,’ explained Saidah el-Acramy, a lawyer.
On his part, Salah el-Dean el-Khorshy, a journalist, voiced his optimism over this newly-founded network. He speculated that 5000 of Arab figures will join the network to push reform in the Arab world. It is, as he termed, ’ vital and crucial in shaping the political, intellectual and cultural frame of the coming era.’
Both the American ’ Centre for Islam and Democracy’ ran by Radwan el-Masmody, a Tunisian-origin American and the 11-centre international organization ’Partners in Democratic Transition’ welcomed this initiative.
The organization corporation is about to commence its activities; to accept new memberships and to arrange symposiums in some Arab counties.
The network’s founders articulated their hope that it speeds up reform and maturates the emerging democratic change in some Arab states.