MB Pharmacists Win Majority of Seats in Syndicate Elections

MB Pharmacists Win  Majority of Seats in Syndicate Elections

With the easing of hindrances and obstructions which usually laced any elections during the former regime’s reign, the Muslim Brotherhood was able to participate in Egypt’s Pharmacists’ Syndicate elections and reach its full potential.

With ballot boxes counted, results revealed that the MB succeeded in securing the post of Secretary General; the leadership of eight sub-syndicates, and a further 13 out of the 15 governorate councils they ran for.

Surpassing his three rivals by a significant margin, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad acquired the Secretary General position with over 50% of votes both in Cairo and governorates’ nationwide.

Representing the group and its allies the Coalition of Egyptian Pharmacists achieved an overwhelming victory obtaining 12 out of 12 of the general level seats and nine seats at the district level. At the sub-syndicates level, the coalition triumphed in 13 of the 15 governorates it ran for.

It is expected the MB and its allies are to form the Syndicate’s Council with the MB being a majority of 22 out of 25 representatives.