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  • October 11, 2010
  • 6 minutes read

MB political detainees levelled with fabricated accusations

MB political detainees levelled with fabricated accusations

Two Members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested from their homes and taken to the State Security Headquarters, while a third was taken from his car and beaten by police officials after being accused of entering from the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza . They confiscated his personal belongings, money and car.


Following the arrest of the MB members namely, Abdel Rahman Saad, Suleiman Asleem and Abdullah Othman, security forces raided their houses and confiscated their computers.


They were detained for one month where they were tortured, electrocuted and beaten all over their body. They were also stripped of their clothes and humiliated.


Asleem suffered a broken nose as a result of torture yet he was neither treated nor checked on by any doctor.


After spending a month without charges and suffering torture arrest orders were issued for them and their names were included in case no.404 of the Supreme State Security Court Emergency of 2010. They were interrogated in the absence of their lawyers and this was proven in the recorded investigations.


The political detainees  were charged with a host of fabricated accusations including being affiliated to a banned group, threatening  state institutions, violating  personal and public freedoms of people, spying for another government (Hamas), collecting donations for Palestinians, monitoring planes and ships in the Suez Canal, travelling to Palestine for training for terrorist acts, intimidating citizens and forcing them to join the MB as well as distributing publications against the government and the regime inciting  rebellion against the ruling system.


Prosecution ordered their detention under the case no 404 of 2010.