MB press conference: Despite violence and oppression we will continue

MB press conference: Despite violence and oppression we will continue

 Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood relayed that Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary poll is a significant turning point for Egypt.

During a press conference organized by the Muslim Brotherhood Morsy maintained that the country witnessed all kinds of violence and oppression against any individual remotely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group. He added that the violence against opposition candidates is a clear indication that the authorities intend to falsify the will of the Egyptians.

He stressed that without political reform there will be neither progress nor economic development in the country. Morsy highlighted that the first step towards achieving this development begins from parliament hence the significance of political reform adding that reaching parliament is the beginning of reform.

He criticized the current atmosphere Egypt was facing in the run up to the elections ranging from arbitrary arrests, thug attacks and intimidating of opposition supporters by security personnel pointing out that more than 1200 members of the group have been detained since it announced it would vie for seats in parliament.

Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, vice president of the MB’s parliamentary bloc, added that the regime failed to follow through with its promises of integrity in elections explaining that 4 fielding MB candidates from Alexandria were illegally removed from the ballot list without reason or explanation.

Ibrahim stressed that the MB rejected the intimidation messages by the security ascertaining that the group will continue to participate in its struggle for legitimate presence in the political arena till the last minute.