MB Press Release on Cleansing Egypt to Build It on a Sound Footing

MB Press Release on Cleansing Egypt to Build It on a Sound Footing

 Millions gathered Friday in Tahrir Square, Cairo and Alexandria and all Egypt’s governorates while rallying crowds cried out Egypt is free, demanding to clean the country from remnants of Mubarak’s regime who humiliated people, looted their wealth, made them suffer and downplayed country’s great status.


Clearing out the country can not, in any way, be sufficient for a handful of corrupt officials and businessmen, but should be extended to include those who have corrupted the entire social and political life, rigged elections and usurped power by force. Attempts to root out corrupters should include those who legalized injustice and corruption in the form of illegal laws as they employed their knowledge to serve the vanity, whims and fantasies of the ruler.


Reforming the country must include those who have been subjected to prosecutors for exercising injustice on innocents and who subdued them for the wishes of the State Security forces at the time when hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been unjustly imprisoned. Public prosecutors are not fit to conduct investigations with remnants of Mubarak’s ousted regime because they submit to their will and carry out their orders.


Terrible State Security Investigations, in fact, used brutal means, tortured citizens to death, abused their powers, dishonored people, robbed them of their money and dignity in prisons held under the ground, its members tightened their grip on all state institutions, interfered in every nook and cranny and were behind much of what is called sectarian strife. This dangerous body must be rooted out and its tycoons must be prosecuted to end terror so people can feel safe and free from discrimination.


It must cover Egypt’s state and pro-government media have abruptly changed their tune. Faithful mouthpieces of Hosni Muarak’s regime have come to an end, and now they celebrate the ouster of the longtime Egyptian president— and pledge to be more attentive to ordinary Egyptians. State TV even promised to be more truthful in its reporting.


During the 18-day uprising, state TV and pro-Mubarak newspapers portrayed the hundreds of thousands of protesters as a minority of troublemakers. While raucous protests raged in downtown Cairo, state-run Al-Nil TV showed serene videos of the Nile River.


It should include all – not some – of the looted wealth of the poor as looters’ greed beyond the limits of collecting illegal billions of Egyptian pounds. Thieves usurped Egypt’s wealth and its people have been deprived of access to job opportunities and living standards have deteriorated.


The Egyptian people were shocked that the EU is almost begging the Egyptian government to freeze the unlawful assets of suspect officials, especially assets held abroad by ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. However, the Egyptian government has no far responded, is this the desired reform?


As for building Egypt’s future, we express our deep concern with regard to the country’s economy and production. The MB firmly believes in achieving social justice and equity among Egyptians, which were crushed by Mubarak’s ousted regime ranged them into the abyss of poverty and deprivation. The Brothers believe that young people who sacrificed themselves for the country’s reform and change are able to be patient for some time to regain their usurped rights provided that officials are committed to accountability, probity, openness and transparency. Therefore, we suggest that the Armed Forces Council addressed the people directly as follows:


1. Recognition of the gross injustice suffered by these groups and meeting their just and legitimate rights in improving their living conditions.


2. Promised to improve living conditions gradually alongside improving the national economy and it would be better than giving them unreal dates.


3. Be requested from each institution members to represent workers for constructive dialogue.


4. To quickly re-balance incomes and mend economic disparities in order that people are reassured about the country’s welfare and prosperity.