MB Press Release on Egypt’s Uprising

MB Press Release on Egypt’s Uprising

•Egypt’s authoritarian regime has lost its legitimacy, as marches organized by thousands of anti-government protesters gather at Tahrir Square downtown Cairo and most governorates of Egypt and continue to challenge the people’s will. A tired-looking Mubarak, rather than step down for a peaceful transition of power, was shown on state TV with his associates hated by the masses in a provocative scene, to prove that he still holds the reins of power. This was done in a bid to raise the wrath of rebel protesters.

•What also provokes people’s anger is that state-owned newspapers reported that Mubarak offers condolences to the families of those killed, in disregard of people’s minds, which triggered the people to ask, who is responsible for the murders? Is not Mubarak personally responsible for the missing people who have been detained, tortured and killed under his regime? Is he not the chief executive as long as officials boast that they carry out his instructions?

•To make matters worse, he signed a decree to form a commission which will be tasked to oversee constitutional and required legislative amendments. Regardless of our respect for its members, we believe it is illegitimate because it was composed by the president who has lost his legitimacy..

•The MB believes that the decisions issued by the illegal president is a desperate attempt to deceive the people, and gain time to hold onto power. The dismissal of some officials of the ruling National Democratic Party who have corrupted and perverted political and economic life in Egypt and blatantly rigged the results of both upper and lower chambers, is insufficient because they have distorted Egypt’s reputation and quelled people’s will. Are not the people who commit such offenses put to trial? It is justice to make a few people scapegoats, while the others are covered up. Public corruption cases must be investigated and prosecuted by the people who have ultimate authority.

•The money that has been looted by businessmen from the former government is sufficient to pay off all Egypt’s debts and build a strong economy that will provide jobs for all with decent wages and which will financially encompass disabled and needy families. A strong economy will enable the country to get rid of dependency, eliminate poverty and put an end to foreign aid. Therefore, people want revenge from those thieves and to regain their usurped rights.

•The immediate release of political prisoners and protestors from the recent anti-government protests is the real test of government credibility.

•Attempts by Mubarak to remain in power is not welcomed by the people and those who are allegedly keen on his dignity as Egypt’s president should convince him to leave for the sake of the country’s supreme interests and its national security.

•It is time for the pro-Mubarak editor-in-chiefs of State-Controlled newspaper to repent, awaken their consciences, align their people, prove their loyalty and abide by the truth far removed from the regime’s dictates.

•The Egyptian people have broken the barrier of fear and their awareness has increased and they will not be deceived by the limited procedures taken by officials. The people are patient and determined to achieve their demands, regardless of the sacrifices.