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  • November 21, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Professors Against Military Trials for Civilians

MB Professors Against Military Trials for Civilians

Muslim Brotherhood professors in the "Academics for Reform" movement emphasized that it is imperative that the military ends its military trials for political activists and civilians. It stated in a press release that “The January 25 Revolution arose in an effort to eliminate injustice and stop the oppression of the Egyptian people.

There is no need or reason for the continuation of such behaviour which was present during the former regime. These measures are repressive, inhumane and unjustified, and are a complete violation of the constitution. The revolution’s primary demands include the ending of these trials in addition to guarantees of the Egyptian judiciary’s independence”.

The movement issued a statement confirming its solidarity with Dr. Leila Soueif the mother of activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah, “We stand in full support of your son and all other detainees referred to the military courts, and their families”, it read.

The Movement emphasized the need to respect the rights and freedoms of citizens within the framework of peaceful means. It added, “It is imperative that the citizens of Egypt maintain their unity and protect the revolution’s achievements. It is without doubt that these military trials trigger angry responses from the people who have suffered enough during the reign of the former regime which continued for decades  to suppress the people and their rights to speak”.

In conclusion the statement called on SCAF to perform its national duty and protect the revolution and its demands which include most importantly freedom and dignity for the people. “We urge the military to respond to the people and respect their will”.