• August 21, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB proposes celebrating Isra’ and Miraj as a day for the Aqsa Mosque

MB proposes celebrating Isra’ and Miraj as a day for the Aqsa Mosque

The influential Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Saturday urged the entire Muslim Ummah to consider the anniversary of the Isra’ and Miraj as an international day for supporting the Aqsa Mosque.

In the early years of Islam, a miracle occurred to Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him as he made a night journey with Angel Gabriel from Makka to Jerusalem (Isra’), and then from there to the Heaven (Miraj).

Head of the MB Mahdi Akef issued a statement distributed by the group to the media urging the entire Muslim Ummah to supplicate to the Almighty Allah for the rescue of the sacred Aqsa Mosque, and to spend every precious thing for its defense.

He warned of the conspiracy designed and implemented by the USA to distort identity of the Arab and Muslim Ummah in preparation to dominate and subjugate it.

“The current situation calls on Muslim Ummah and Muslims to remain steadfast on their principles and constants and to resist any attempt to sway them from those principles and constants”, the statement added, urging Muslims to possess all means and pillars of strength to foil the American plans in this regard.

Despite the tremendous agonies and difficulties the Muslim Ummah had faced over the past decades, yet; it remained challenging with full strength all the conspiracies to wipe it out, Akef explained.

He, in this context, blamed Arab and Muslim leaders for not moving to salvage the Aqsa Mosque and help their brethren in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan among other suffering Muslim minorities across the globe.

“Palestine was, still is, and will remain the central issue of the MB and the entire Muslim Ummah, and we all strive with all the capabilities we have to liberate it sooner or later”, he underlined.