MB Rise; to Fear or not to Fear

MB Rise; to Fear or not to Fear

Following the toppling of Mubarak’s regime analysts and observers have busied themselves creating possible scenarios concerning the Muslim Brotherhood and its rising status in Egypt and the region.

Ranging from unfounded fears to trust in the group, organizations have been vocal.

The latest analysis comes from the House Intelligence Committee a panel specializing in terrorism and espionage which cited that the MB’s rise in a new Egypt could affect the United States’ relationship with the most populous Arab nation. According to Chairperson Sue Myrick fears could be rising in power and quietly influencing US Muslims.

She voiced concern about the impact the MB could have on the US, stating she thought the government has no strategy to deal with the group.

Opinions on this point differed at the hearing, during which nongovernment experts gave testimony.

Executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Robert Satloff alleged that there was deep concern about the role the MB will play in Egypt claiming it was warranted. He added that the group was a profoundly political organization which sought to reorder the Egyptian and broader Muslim society alleging there should be concern about the emergence of the MB as a player and possible power broker in Egypt.

Director of the Institute for Middle East Studies at George Washington Nathan J. Brown however warned that Congress should be careful about assuming nefarious motivations for the group. He stressed he believed the MB when it renounced violence, explaining that the group did however promote self defence in the case of foreign occupations. He argued that although the group may be of some concern there is no reason for panic, adding it does not represent what he described as a cancer.

Lorenzo Vidino, a fellow at the RAND Corp. in Washington, believed that the MB is deeply pragmatic and aware of what they can and cannot do adding that the US government did not seem to have a complete understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood.