MB saddened by arrests but will not be deterred

MB saddened by arrests but will not be deterred

The State security’s arbitrary arrests have seen an all time high with the number of detainees escalating to approximately 100 since the beginning of February. Although 20 members were released from the Sharqia government 11 more were arrested from the same governorate and Beheira. The arrests were prompted because of protests held against the renewed Israeli threats to Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

It seems however that the upsurge of arrests lie deeper than disruptive demonstrations in support of the Aqsa Mosque and Palestinians. It appears the regime may have been heavy handed fearing the protests, which were driven by the Muslim Brotherhood, may turn into something bigger with Mubarak’s absence

The increased arrests this month will not deter the Brotherhood’s cause or affect them although each member is valued. The movement boasts  much popularity extending to the grassroots and beyond the scope of politics with its renowned history of charity activities and the recent rise in religiousness among Egyptians.

In 2005, the Brotherhood shocked the regime by acquiring 88 of the 444 seats during the Parliamentary elections.

It seems the regime has learned its lesson, hence the lashing out on the Muslim Brotherhood and in particular on the senior leaders. According to Abul Fotouh Deputy Chairman Mahmoud Ezzat and media spokesman Essam ElErian were to assume responsibility in the election campaign. Both have been arrested since February.

Allegations have surfaced that the Brotherhood has been engaged in secret talks with members of the ruling National Democratic Party however, both the Brotherhood and Safwat El-Sherif secretary general of the NDP have denied the rumours

 “This is simply not our style” Abul Fotouh and Mohamed Morsy, senior media spokesman for the group, both ascertained; stressing that no form of alliances  were made  between the government and the Brothers at any point in history.

Recent reports claiming that the group’s chairman Dr Mohamed Badie was “praying for Mubarak’s health” was an attempt to win sympathy from the regime, another notion which was denied. 

Morsy asserted that “the Brotherhood prays for all the sick, and not just Mubarak,”