• November 8, 2006

MB Says Arabs, World Acting As Accomplice To Gaza Carnage

MB Says Arabs, World Acting As Accomplice To Gaza Carnage

MB Executive Bureau Member and Secretary General of Arab Doctors Union Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh condemned the heinous massacre perpetrated by the IOF against the noncombatant civilians in Beit Hanun, Gaza, which claimed, so far, 18 dead and 35 injured. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmirmed that among the dead are 7 children and 4 women.

 In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Abul Fotouh said that this heinous massacre is a natural outcome of the Arab and international pathetic silence and the US unequivocal support to Israel which, combined, offer a cover up for the Israeli enemy.

 Abul Fotouh added that this unprovoked massacre, which targeted women and children, illustrates that the IOF has come to kill just for the sake of killing and not for self defense as Western media claim.”

We in the Muslim Brotherhood appeal to the Arab, Muslims and international community as well as the world civil societies and any entity concerned with human rights to stage peaceful demonstrations to pressure world leaders to take an action to end these massacres against the Palestinian people, adding that there are ongoing meetings within the MB circles to see whether any legal actions can be brought up in retaliation of this massacre.