• MB News
  • August 25, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Says Assaults on Political Figures Have Dangerous Indications

MB Says Assaults on Political Figures Have Dangerous Indications
The Muslim Brotherhood denounced the frequent violent assaults on its political figures, saying it has "dangerous indications" and must be investigated by concerned authorities.

Three figures of the Freedom and Justice Party have been victims of random street attacks by strangers who appeared to be paid thugs either willing to steal important documents or simply harm those leaders for unknown reasons.

The MB called on the military council and Interior Ministry to fulfill their promises of ensuring the security of citizens and politicians, and to swiftly arrest those who committed these assaults and identify their motives and who stands behind them.

Mohamed Beltagy the Secretary General of FJP in Cairo and Ahmad Abu Barakah the legal adviser to the party were injured and robbed in such incidents in the past week. Beltagy’s car has been stolen, as well as his cell phone and some documents he was carrying, while Abu Barakah was severely injured as he was violently dragged in the street while trying to defend himself against a similar attack by strangers, who were driving a luxury car in downtown Cairo on Tuesday.