MB Secretary General:MB will attempt to coordinate and collaborate with ElBaradei

MB Secretary General:MB will attempt to coordinate and collaborate with ElBaradei

The Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mahmoud Hussein has confirmed that the recent meetings held with Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei have proved to be enlightening and agreeable. In an interview with Aljazeera Mubasher channel Saturday, the Secretary General asserted that the MB will attempt to coordinate and collaborate with ElBaradei who has proven to share some sort of common ground with the group regarding political reform.


Hussein underlined that the MB has always adhered to meeting with other political and opposing trends in the community with the intentions of creating a stronger united front against the ruling party. He declared that the unification and combined efforts would inevitably result in a stronger opposition who shared common interests despite differences in ideology. Hussein however reminded that the Muslim Brotherhood has constantly been identified as the largest and strongest opposition movement and is capable to work alone.

Dr. Hussein ascertained that the meetings which were held with opposing currents discussed issues only concerning the upcoming Presidential elections and the call for political reform stressing that no direct dialogue had exchanged between ElBaradei or any of the political opposition with regards to the upcoming legislative and Shura elections. Moreover he stressed that there was no room for discussion of these elections nor were there any plans to.

The interest of Egypt’s wellbeing and amendments in constitution was agreed upon by the opposing groups who united with the hope of pressuring the ruling regime to respect the people’s demands of free, fair and transparent elections and equality for all. The MB will combine forces with ElBaradei with regards to calling for integrity and his organization “National Assembly for change” will be supported and proposals for change will be backed


Regarding the groups stance in nominating a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood in the next presidential election, Hussein revealed that they will not participate in the upcoming presidential elections but will stand by ElBaradei’s demands which were in all reality consistent with the ideas proposed by the MB. He emphasised that the MB were keen to follow only peaceful measures and were against any form of violence despite the ruling regime’s evident vendetta.


Hussein asserted that the ruling regime had dealt unjustly with hundreds of members of the MB where detentions continue and sacrifices are made by the MB. All tyranny and suppression must be opposed regardless of the sacrifices made similar to the Palestinian people who have the full support of the MB who believe and respect their cause.