• MB News
  • April 20, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB seeks participation not domination in trade union’s elections

MB seeks participation not domination in trade union’s elections


Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau and Secretary General of the Engineers’ Syndicate stated that the MB does not seek a majority in the upcoming union’s elections.

The work on trade unions in Egypt had been totally hampered during Mubarak’s regime implementing law No. 100 to deactivate its important roles and activities.

The judiciary ruled against the legitimacy of this decision and procedures to hold free and fair union elections has begun.

Dr. Bishr told Ikhwanweb that the role of trade unions will be of great importance for the advancement of Egypt during the next period.

He said “We refuse the elimination policy Mubarak’s regime used against us and we call for participation not domination and would like the spirit of the revolution to continue to support the work of trade unions in Egypt in order to achieve the required advancement of Egypt”.

Dr. Bishr highlighted that Egypt needs collective efforts, pointing out that the MB possesses sound insight to develop the work of trade unions and will not seek winning the majority but will participate in the elections.