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  • December 27, 2010
  • 4 minutes read

MB Sites Successful in Forwarding Constructive Arguments

MB Sites Successful in Forwarding Constructive Arguments

Despite the sham results witnessed in Egypt this year during both the upper and lower house elections, Egypt’s strongest political opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, proves that it has not limited its efforts to the chamber or under the dome but will continue on the streets and through it effective websites.

Despite accusations by the ruling regime that the MB is trying  to overthrow the government, a visit to their websites reveals efforts by  a full-time team of 30 and a freelance network of 45 to promote the MB through comprehensive and documented articles, which leave little room for controversy or argument.

An article by journalist Sarah Topol takes a close look at the MB’s numerous sites including the Ikhwanonline, Ikhwanweb, Ikhwanbook, Ikhwantube, Ikhwanophobia and the very informative Ikhwanwiki.

The author cites:

In Egypt’s political wasteland, the strongest opposition to the secular regime not only owns the street but they dominate the Web.”

Shadi Hamid, research director of Brookings Doha centre, maintains that the MB has been the most insistent in terms of promoting its agenda and ideology through the internet.

An interview with the forces behind the successful teams, Abdul Galil Sharnouby, Khaled Hamza and Omar Mazin highlights that the MB’s mission is to promote its peaceful and tolerant views, and to clarify the fact that it is a moderate Muslim group, that in no way advocates or promotes violence and has no relations with terrorism or anti-Western agenda.

The writer highlights that statistics of the group’s cyberspace visitors indicate that their campaign is working.