MB Slams UNESCO Decision Declaring Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

MB Slams UNESCO Decision Declaring Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) condemns UNESCO’s recent decision to introduce Occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on its website, in a grave violation of UN Security Council Resolutions which consider East Jerusalem Occupied.

The decision proves that the organization is biased to Israel and is tilting the scales ignoring the faith and heritage of over 1 billion Muslims worldwide. Accordingly it has chosen to ignore the oppression faced by the Palestinian residents of Occupied East Jerusalem who are being expelled and replaced by Jewish settlers.

It is on this note that the MB strongly rejects the decision describing UNESCO as losing its credibility as a neutral organization. Such decision is unjust, inappropriate, and illustrates complete disregard to the oppressed Palestinians who have an inherent right to the land.

This decision proves the complete disrespect for international covenants and agreements which will trigger an uprising by angry Palestinians who will defend what is rightfully theirs and has been for generations.

The MB highlights that UNESCO has failed its assigned role of preserving the sanctity of all religions revealing a double standard policy and calls on it to immediately revoke its decision.

The MB also urges UNESCO to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine in agreement with the UN resolutions which recognizes it as an occupied city since 1967.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo, July 14, 2011