• November 4, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB Slams US Bias, Arab And UN Silence Over Israeli Aggression

MB Slams US Bias, Arab And UN Silence Over Israeli Aggression

The Muslim Brotherhood released a statement on November 4, 2006, undersigned by its Chairman Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef. The statement read as follows:

The IOF persists with its barbarian and criminal aggression on Gaza Strip for the fifth day running, using all its deadly military machines against the noncombatant Palestinian people, without discrimination between men, women, elderly or children, wreaking havoc on the Palestinian land, killing scores and injuring hundreds, and demolishing mosques.

 In particular, the aggressors perpetrated a crime against women who emerged only to save their sons and brothers who were besieged in al Nasr Mosque at Beit Hanun in Gaza Strip, killing and injuries some of them.

 While we strongly condemn the Zionist criminal act which disregards all international laws and norms, we also condemn the flagrant American support, the pathetic Arab weakness and the deadly international silence; all factors combined gave way for the Zionists to commit their crimes in impunity.

 We also express our shock and disbelief over the UN double standard policy when it, along with the international community, talks about the humanitarian intervention  in war ravaged areas in the world- which are used a pretext for occupying nations and overthrowing states, while it keeps mouth folded and shackled when it comes to the Palestinian people who come under the Zionist criminal aggression, as if those people live in another planet and as if the Zionists are immune to being brought to justice.

 This discrimination against the Palestinians and US bias with the Zionists for over half a century must come to an end and the injustice suffered by the Palestinian people must be lifted to enable them to establish their free and independent state on their land with Holy Quds as its capital.

It is time that the Arab and Muslim governments sense their responsibilities toward that Arab Muslim people who have labored under the injustice and aggression, and take the initiative to alleviate their sufferings, providing then with all material and moral support until the dawn of freedom rises and the Zionist aggressors are defeated, and the usurper settlers leave the lands of Muslims.