MB Slams Zionist Officials’ Statements to Cairo

MB Slams Zionist Officials’ Statements to Cairo

The statements issued by Israeli Zionist officials from Cairo against the Palestinians and resistance led by Hamas movement are unacceptable, said a Muslim Brotherhood top leader to Ikhwaweb, criticizing the Egyptian official silence towards these statements.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Executive Office and Chairman of its Political Department, slammed statements issued by Israeli Zionist officials from Cairo against the Palestinians and resistance led by Hamas movement. He criticized that such statements were issued in front Egyptian top officials who attended and even supported these “totally unacceptable and extremist statements.”

Dr. Morsi added that all sections of the Egyptian people strongly reject these extremist statements, back the Palestinian resistance, and reject the continuous Zionist massacres committed against unarmed people while Arab and Muslim governments- topped by Egyptian government- are just watching.

“These statements are a part of the election campaigns inside the Zionist entity. We reject that the suffering of innocent people be part of an electoral campaign.”

Morsi pointed out that the Palestinian people blockaded in Gaza represent Arab and Muslim dignity and resistance in the face of the US-Zionist schemes, that all Arab and Muslim people back these people and dismiss the political maneuvers that Arab governments adopt in dealing with the Palestinian cause. The Brotherhood leader said that all Arab people reject the policy of surrender and defeatism that label the Arab regimes” reactions towards the US-Zionist hegemony.

“People know nothing such as strategies and maneuvering, they only back the Palestinian people, Palestinian struggle and Palestinian resistance and will use all means to liberate the Palestinian territories from the Zionists who continuously collaborate and plot against humanity.”

Dr. Morsi again stressed that these “Zionist terrorist statements” prove that no official political attitude can be relied on to back the Palestinian cause and end the one and half year siege on Gaza . He called on all resistance factions to close ranks to confront the Zionist entity on the one hand and to face the official defeatism of the Arab regimes on the other hand.

Hailing the Palestinian people and resistance who proved they are a role model struggle and sacrifice, Morsi expected that resistance will win at the end and that the Israeli statements issued in Cairo only terrorize cowardly people who have no place among the resisters.

The Palestinian resistance has proved in every Zionist raid on Gaza Strip that it is not an easy target. The resistance proved this in the 2008 March Zionist raid on the Strip, Morsi added.

Morsi called on all Arab and Muslim regimes to stand shoulder to shoulder with their peoples that back the Palestinian resistance and to have strong attitudes towards these Zionist provocations. The MB leader urged these regimes to give a priority to the desires of their peoples over their interests and positions of backing the United States and the Zionist occupation.

Dr. Morsi called on all Arab and Muslim countries to help and back- and press for similar attitudes from Arab regimes- their brothers in Palestine specially those besieged in Gaza who defend the dignity and honour of the Nation and confront the Zionist occupation schemes.